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Massimo guerra

Musician. Trumpet player. Composer


"A really warm, well-crafted set from Italian trumpeter Massimo Guerra – just the kind of record we've come to expect from other jazz labels from his scene, but quite a surprise from the mostly-soul Irma label! The set's totally straight – and done in a way that really lets Guerra show off his talent for songwriting – as most of the tracks on the album are his own, and handled by a shifting array of small groups that work well with the leader's lyrical bent. Other players include Enrico Nisati on piano, Davide Grottelli on tenor, and Carlo Micheli on baritone – and the rhythms really benefit from warm basslines by Piero Simoncini, whose playing holds the record together in a wonderful way. Titles include "Morgan Beat", "Last Day Of Spring", "Tango 4 Clemetina", "Tres Palabras", and "Jazz Mine". ~ Chicago Dusty Groove




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May 6, 2016 Jazz-Mine available on ITunes, Amazon and Digital Stores

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